Healthy, shiny, soft and protected hair. Ideal for all types of hair.

All the products of the line OI contain oil roucou and is also rich in ellagic acid, known for being a potent neutralizer for free radicals. It considerably reduces cell damage caused by UV rays, prevents aging and is free of sulfates and parabens, they are produced using renewable energy and packaged within a zero impact packaging.


Thermal protection, reduction of drying time and anti-humidity, are essential elements in products intended for a perfect hairstyle and constitute the essential characteristics of Your Hair Assistant.


It is the line of specific products and treatments to prevent the marks of the time and to fight against the problems of the scalp and the hair, allowing to recover the necessary balance for the restoration of the correct cutaneous functionalities. The formulas have been created to work in synergy with the massage ritual.


It is enriched with Hair Longevity Complex, a complex based on Maqui berry extract, spinach and carnosine extract that prevent aging of the scalp and hair as well as providing shine, moisturize, strength thus improving its general condition.

Naturaltech Energizing

They are enriched with phytoceutics, active biological compounds present in plants with exceptional antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and anti-aging properties. An ideal range for those users who suffer from constant fall and fragility, especially during seasonal changes.

Naturaltech Nourishing

It is a family of nourishing, revitalizing and restorative products for dehydrated scalps and dry and defibrated hair. In this family there are specific products for hair reconstruction. All formulations contain phytochemicals extracted from grapes, rich in polyphenols and of very high antioxidant power.
Essential oils: the fragrance contains essential oils of mandarin, petit grain and ylang ylang, which display a moisturizing, regenerative action and increase elasticity.

Naturaltech Purifying

It is a family composed of two antiseptic, decongestant, preventive and treatment products for all types of dandruff.
All the formulations of this family are enriched with phytochemicals extracted from dandelion, rich in polyphenols and sugars of the highest anti-inflammatory and antioxidant power.
Essential oils: The fragrance contains essential oils of lavender, myrrh and sage with anti-inflammatory, antiseptic and soothing action.

Naturaltech Replumping

The products of Replumping They give a filling effect, which provide elasticity to the hair structure. The formulations are enriched with phytochemicals extracted from plum, rich in polyphenols and flavonoids, valuable antioxidant substances that act against free radicals and display a toning and elasticizing action. Essential oils: The fragrance contains essential oils of petitgrain, which is extracted from the leaves of the bitter orange tree and has a compacting action.

The formulas Naturaltech They are enriched with phyto pharmaceuticals, active biological compounds present exclusively in plants, which have exceptional antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and anti-free radical properties. All products lack sulfates and parabens.


Is the line Davines dedicated to intensify and illuminate the color of natural and dyed hair, thanks to its highly biodegradable and natural formulations, with strong concentrations of pure pigments.
Chromatically improved and highly sustainable formulations, without silicones, sulfates and parabens, to combine cosmetic excellence with the quality of carefully selected ingredients, respecting the human being and the environment.


THE CIRCLE CHRONICLES, line of scalp and hair masks formulated in laboratories Davines with high percentages of ingredients of natural origin such as clay, carbon y vegetable oils, they have a soul and original packaging and very comfortable to take on a trip, to the gym or for a weekend away from home.

Give yourself a quick and effective treatment by applying different masks for the different needs of your hair: volume, detoxification, repair, hydration and shine.


It is a line of hair styling products in which whether you are a professional hairdresser or simply wish to obtain a look worthy of a catwalk in your home, it will provide you with all the necessary tools to achieve your styling goals.


It has a specific function in each of their families to meet the daily needs of hair care; hydration, volume, color, shine, protection, softness and daily care.


La línea Minu de Davines It is a complete treatment to maintain the cosmetic color and health of your hair after dyeing it. All these products are made from saline caper flower extract, rich in polyphenols, with protective color.


The line Momo of Davines, It is intended for dry or dehydrated hair. Its formula helps to untangle the hair, moisturize it deeply and leave it soft and silky. It has melon extract which brings a lot of water to our hair.

Love Smoothing

Ideal for curly or undisciplined hair for a straight look. The aroma that characterizes the LOVE Smoothing family is citrus with a green note.


The line Nounou It is ideal for dry hair or punished for treatments such as wicks or discolorations, permanent or straightened. Provides deep and effective nutrition and restores softness and shine.

ESSENTIAL HAIRCARE It has a specific function in each of their families to meet the daily needs of hair care; hydration, volume, color, brightness, protection, elasticity, softness and daily care. All products are enriched with an active ingredient from the farms of Slow Food Presidia in Italy to contribute to the biodiversity of our planet.


AUTHENTIC FORMULAS It is designed to be a product, many uses. Skin, face, hair: there is only one solution that can improve every inch of the body.
Like the natural remedies used to treat everything from scrapes to homemade spills, a solution of Authentic Formula is the only beauty product that needs to. Nutrient dense and full of benefits.


Result of the progress of scientific research in laboratories Davines, born Liquid Spell, liquid hair spell!
Special reinforcing fluid for sensitized or fine hair, without a body and stressed by the daily routine that fails to recover its vitality. Without a doubt, an advance, based on science, which on the other hand has differentiated since its inception to Davines, bedside brand for hairdressing salon professionals.

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